Wills and Estate Planning

It is essential to make a Will to ensure that the people close to you are provided for and that you decide how your assets are dealt with and by whom. A correctly drafted Will can also reduce tax and administrative costs, as well as ease the stress and responsibility placed on loved ones after you pass.
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However, drafting a Will is not a tick box exercise. Time needs to be taken and the right questions need to be asked. And as people live longer, family arrangements get more complex and the economy less certain, there is more to be considered than ever when preparing a Will.

We provide a comprehensive service, including advising on estate planning and drafting Will Trusts where appropriate, to maximise available capital tax allowances or limit future exposure to care costs by your beneficiaries.

There are also strict legal requirements in order for a Will to be valid. Further details can be found in our guidance note Wills: The Legal Formalities

The skills and knowledge needed to prepare a Will that reflects your instructions in a legally accurate and tax efficient way, and that protects both you and your beneficiaries’ interests, takes years of study and experience.

Our fixed fees for completing straightforward Wills and Codicils for individuals or for couples preparing those in “mirror” terms are set out below. More complex Wills, such as those incorporating substantive trusts or requiring estate planning, may incur a higher fee. If so, any increase to the fixed fees will be discussed and agreed with you before any chargeable work is undertaken.

Will Price
Single £300 plus VAT
Mirror Wills for couples £450 plus VAT
Codicil Price
Single £175 plus VAT
Mirror Codicils for couples £275 plus VAT

At MCT Solicitors we recognise that all of our clients are individuals and all of our Wills are prepared exclusively from start to finish by Joe Richardson, a qualified Solicitor with over 15 years’ experience in drafting Wills and administering Estates.

If you don’t have a Will, your current Will needs to be updated or your personal or financial circumstances have changed and you need to review your existing arrangements, please contact Joe on 01323 401401 or by email at jr@mctsolicitors.co.uk to arrange a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your needs.